An autopsy for an exhausted culture.

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Check this out. House after house after house with a for sale sign in Temecula, CA.

Repeat to yourself, “There is no housing bubble…”

Well over a year ago, I quit my job and promised myself I would begin writing, begin blogging, to be a part of the world in ways I felt my job was preventing me from doing. It is now clear that I have been holding myself back, allowing fear constrain me rather than taking chances.

The alarm bells telling me to move past the fear have reached a crescendo. It’s time.  Time to share my thoughts, to take risks and allow myself to fuck up. Safety can be dangerous.

“What dull barbarians are not proud of their dullness and barbarism?”

-Wm. Thackeray

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Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.

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In OS X, Apple has built Readline/Emacs-style key bindings into most of it’s apps. I’ll add a link to the complete list of these keybindings. but the best one ever is that Control-A will place the cursor at the beginning of your current sentence. Great if you want to place the line you’ve just typed in quotes or parentheses.

(Use Control-E to go to the end of the current sentence.) This works in Safari, TextEdit, and most other applications that are part of the OS. (Of course, it also works on the command line.) Sadly, it does not work in Firefox.

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I’m finding little more than frustration lately, while trying to find a new path, a new job. Feeling stuck, trying to get unstuck before the money runs out and the bills are unpaid. There has to be a place for a new vitality, a new type of energy.

Everything is inverted. Everything is upside down and inside out. The only motivating factor is that I’m increasingly convinced that it’s not me that is the problem, but the current culture we live in is increasingly toxic. I cannot help but think that we’re in a period of increasingly rapid social breakdown. Sometimes I think the jobs advertised as doing the most good are doing significant harm.

I am from Yeats’ “The Second Coming”:

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

The world seems bleak right now to me. I try to reconcile that with my confidence in… what? What do I have confidence in? Why am I so unconvinced? Of anything?