1975 Introduces you to a NEW FRIEND

Tony Villa, The Singing Inventor

The Story:

I found this album in a Maryland thrift shop in 2000, and knew I had to share it with the world. I've managed to digitize the entire album for posterity, so that future generations may share in the beauty and joy of Tony Villa! Limited bandwidth means I will limit the files I've shared to two illustrative favorites. Satellite Mouse will stick with you forever!

Looks like someone else has found several of Tony Villa's albums!

Track Listing

  1. The Impossible Dream
  2. Somewhere
  3. This Is My Song
  4. Strangers In the Night
  5. Mamma
  6. Be My Love
  7. The Lord's Prayer
  8. Al Di La
  9. And Let the Shadows Linger
  10. Sarong Banqui
  11. Satellite Mouse
  12. Grenada
  13. Because You're Mine
  14. I'll Walk With God

The back liner notes:

A versatile young man from the Orient blessed with a golden voice, whose great love for music and wide berth of inventive brilliance make him a truly unique personality in TODAY'S ENTERTAINMENT WORLD. He is a promising composer, dance originator, and an up-and-coming novelist and script-writer, whose talents never spoil his sincere and friendly radiance.

Critics believe he has the makings for a meteoric rise to singing stardom. A sensational singer of a variety of songs ranging from semi-classical numbers, Broadway musical tune, popular, religious, folk, country and western to his new creation called Spacetronic Rock.

Once sponsored by Mario Lanza's mother, the late Mrs. Maria Lanza Cocozza, tony thrilled thousands of listeners when his recording in memory of the great Lanza was aired over radio WJMJ-AM in Philadelphia.

In this album, he will delight you with fine singing as you listen to his multi-styled vocal renditions in English Spanish, Italian, French and Filipino. Specially featured are: "And Let the Shadows Linger," a melodious theme-song which Tony composed for his dramatic love-story of two lovers caught within the cruel claws of World War II; "Somewhere" a sweet Broadway-type tune written by his lovely sister, Olivia Villa, for her magnificent novel entitled, "Beloved of my Heart", a love story based on the current conflict in Northern Ireland; and "Satellite Mouse", another original song penned by Tony, with the beat and the pulse of electrifying rhythm spearheading a new dance craze \ his own SPACE MOUSE DANCE that will soon be rockin' the nations.

He has recently been a guest singer in Hawaii on the "DON HO SHOW" at the Polynesian Palace, and on the "KIT SAMSON SHOW" at the Kahala Hilton.

Formerly a singer with the Morgan Baer Orchestra of washington, D.C., he is currently preparing for his first international concert tour.

As he is a true singing friend, let us joyfully adopt him in our hearts and help him realize his worthwhile endeavors... for, in the mountain-peak of his aspirations rests a fervent devotion to make his humanitarian dreams come true.

Sincerely yours,

Ed & Retta Palaske
Portland, Oregon

Maintained by Paul Palinkas